What is the Weather on the Sunshine Coast?

The weather on BC’s Sunshine Coast is mild and temperate, especially when compared to other parts of Canada. The region lives up to its name with an average of 231 sunny days per year.

Summers on the Coast are warm but not too warm. The average high temperate from June through September is 23 degrees Celsius with occasional stretches of plus-30 weather. Summers on the Coast are ideal for camping, swimming, and spending time on the water.

Falls and winters are mild and wet but on average, the Sunshine Coast has fewer rainy days than nearby Vancouver and only sees about ten days of snowfall each year. When it does snow, it typically melts very quickly.

Spring comes early to the Sunshine Coast with rain beginning to taper off in February. Temperatures rise and plants start to bud in March with many green thumbs opting to plant their gardens as early as April.

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