Gibsons' advisory bike lane: How does it work?

Download the explanatory diagram for Gibsons' advisory bike lane here:

Tony Browton here at the Eagle View Heights info centre on Marine Drive with a quick explainer on the new Gibsons' advisory bike lane at Shaw Road. This new layout is actually quite common in Europe - If the Dutch can figure it out, it should be a snap for a bunch of bright Canadians.

Here's how it works...

If you’re driving away from Petro Can on Shaw Road, keep doing what you’ve been doing. Watch out for parked cars and don’t run over anyone riding a bike.

If you’re driving towards Petro Can and you meet an oncoming vehicle, move over into the right hand cycle lane provided it’s clear to do so.

If there IS a cyclist in that northbound lane, tuck in behind them at a respectful distance and follow them until it’s safe to move back into your lane.

Follow the link in the description for a handy diagram that explains the whole thing. Or pop by the Eagle View Heights info centre in Lower Gibsons and I’ll be happy to walk you through it.

Watch for my next video where I’ll explain how the traffic circle on Dougall Road works.

Still crave more bike lane info? Visit the Town of Gibsons' website:

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