Coast car co-op on BC's sunshine coast

Buying a car is typically the second largest purchase you’ll make. Luckily for Sunshine Coasters, a more affordable option is to join the Coast Car Co-op and only pay for a car when you actually need it.

Carsharing saves you on the cost and hassle of vehicle maintenance, oil changes and repair time. Those expenses are covered by your membership and by the reasonable hourly fee you pay each time you use one of the co-op’s five vehicles.

A Coast Car Co-op membership even works off-coast! There are currently roaming agreements with carshares in Vancouver, Kelowna, and the Kootenays.

If you already own a vehicle, a Coast Car Co-op membership could take the place of a second vehicle. You’ll save some money while reducing pollution and congestion. See the description for links to the Coast Car Co-op’s website for information on rates or to sign up for a new membership.

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