How to sell a haunted house

When selling a haunted house, are sellers in BC required to disclose the alleged spiritual infestation?

According the Real Estate Council of British Columbia's website, when buyers and sellers are each represented by their own agent, the seller has no obligation at law to disclose a "stigma" that affects the property. Examples of these stigmas include a death in the property, that the property was robbed or vandalized, or that the house is claimed to be haunted.

If the seller is asked specifically about otherworldly roommates, the RECBC's Professional Standards Manual states sellers can answer the question directly or decline to answer and instruct the buyer to conduct his or her own investigation.

As with all real estate related matters, don't be a pumpkin head and talk to an industry professional like a Realtor or a lawyer when you have questions. Getting expert advice could save you from a real-life horror show.

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