Choosing to wear a mask

Canadian Coronavirus resources

After doing some research, I've decided to make a habit of wearing a mask when I'm out and about. While it may not stop me from getting sick, I see wearing a mask as a polite, courteous thing to do. In my mind, it's no different than covering my mouth when I sneeze.

I wear a mask because I want you to know that I care about you and that I'm concerned about you and that I want to protect the people around me.

If you've been forgetting to wear one, use this video as a gentle reminder. Get your mask and put it beside the door so you remember to take it with you the next time you leave the house.

If you're shy about wearing one, don't be. All kinds of cool people wear masks: Spiderman, Shannon Szabados, that guy with long white hair in Mad Max. Wear a mask and you'll be in good company.

Enjoy the rest of your summer and look out for one another.

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