LoneWolf Baking Company owner Paul Haldane

Paul and Jennifer Haldane are the new owners of LoneWolf Baking Company here in Gibsons, BC. I interviewed Paul and he shared his journey from the south coast of England to the picturesque Sunshine Coast.

From Bexhill to BC

Paul Haldane’s culinary journey began in the quaint town of Bexhill-on-the-Sea, England, a place (he jokes) as being best known for its high concentration of nursing homes. Reflecting on his hometown, Paul realizes that he perhaps has an affinity for places with retirees, as the Sunshine Coast has a similar demographic.

After moving to Canada in 2009 with his wife, Jennifer (who is originally from Richmond), Paul spent several years immersing himself in the bustling restaurant scene of downtown Vancouver. The couple’s decision to re-locate to Gibsons was serendipitous. A local craigslist ad revealed an affordable restaurant for sale, and this spurred their move from Richmond to the Sunshine Coast.

Embracing community and family life

Transitioning to life on the Sunshine Coast was seamless for Paul and his family. He credits the ease of making connections, a welcoming community, and the natural camaraderie found in the food industry. 

Paul says the best part of living on the Sunshine Coast is the sense of community and the beauty. With three children now attending school just down the street from his home, Paul appreciates the safety and simplicity of life on the coast. The idyllic setting allows his children the freedom to roam and play, something he admits he probably wouldn’t have been comfortable with in Richmond.

A culinary haven

As the new owner of LoneWolf Baking Company, Paul brings his world-class culinary expertise to the heart of Gibsons. Known for his accent and quick wit, Paul has become a well-known figure in the local food scene. His transition from managing the tasting room at Persephone Brewing Company to running his own bakery is a testament to his versatility and passion for good food.

Transitioning from breweries to bakeries

Paul’s transition from Persephone to proud owner of LoneWolf Baking Company marks an exciting new chapter in his career. Jennifer, having previously owned a cupcake shop in Richmond, was no stranger to the world of baking. Paul, with years of bread-making experience in various restaurants and bakeries, found the move to LoneWolf a natural fit.

The opportunity to take over LoneWolf came when the previous owner, Jacob, decided to move on. Paul saw this as a lucky coincidence, having once considered opening a bakery himself. With a strong foundation already in place, Paul and Jennifer were ready to breathe new life into the LoneWolf Baking Company.

A solitary art

Operating a bakery is a stark contrast to running a bustling restaurant, and Paul finds solace in the solitary nature of baking. The simplicity and rhythm of baking allow him to focus on his craft without the distractions of managing a busy kitchen. This new pace suits Paul, who enjoys the quiet and the creativity involved in producing high-quality baked goods.

Vision for growth

Paul's plan for LoneWolf is ambitious and methodical. In the next year, he aims to increase production days from three to five, hire additional bakers, and expand LoneWolf’s delivery network. By the third year, he envisions LoneWolf bread being a familiar sight not just on the Sunshine Coast but also in select stores in Vancouver. 

Collaboration over competition

One of the most refreshing aspects of running a business on the Sunshine Coast is the collaborative spirit among local entrepreneurs. Paul recounts his experience with other local businesses, such as The Farm in West Sechelt, where the focus is on mutual support rather than competition. This sense of community extends beyond business transactions, fostering an environment where everyone strives to help each other succeed.

Paul's previous venture, a kefir business, also benefited from this supportive network. He notes that the same cooperative ethos is already evident with LoneWolf, reinforcing his belief that the Sunshine Coast is not only a beautiful place to live but also an ideal place to run a business.

Looking towards the future

As Paul and Jennifer continue to grow LoneWolf Baking Company, their commitment to quality and community remains unwavering. For Paul, baking is more than a profession—it's a passion that brings joy to his life and nourishment to his community. With plans to expand and innovate, LoneWolf is set to become a cornerstone of the Sunshine Coast’s culinary landscape.

Paul Haldane’s story is a testament to the power of community, the joy of following one's passion, and the sweet success that comes from hard work and dedication. Whether you're a local or just passing through, a taste of LoneWolf Baking Company promises to be a delightful experience.

Where to find LoneWolf products

For those eager to taste Paul’s creations can find them in Gibsons IGASeaweeds Health Food Store in Gibsons, Fromagerie De Baie in Gibsons, and Middlechild in Sechelt

If you’re interested in carrying LoneWolf products, you can reach out via email at hello@lonewolfbaking.com


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